Friday, July 31, 2015

The Swarm

David Cameron is being abused by ignorant people in the media and rent-a-quote talking heads.  The reason is that he used the word swarm to describe the people that are camped in Calais, France and are seeking to illegally enter the UK.

First the word.  Most people accept that the Oxford English Dictionary is the worldwide respected source on the definition of words in the English language.  The OED defines swarm as :

1A large or dense group of flying insects:a swarm of locusts
1.1A large number of honeybees that leave a hive en masse with a newly fertilized queen in order to establish a new colony.
1.2(a swarm/swarms of) A large number of people or things:a swarm of journalists
So according to the arbiter of the definition of words in the English language, it is clear that Cameron is correctly using the word.
Now moving on to the correctly labeled swarm, what to do?
Firstly, I believe that we need to recognize the cause of the current crisis.  Yes, it is the illegal immigrants, mostly from Africa, that are the underlying cause however, the inaction of the French authorities is exacerbating the problem.  Simply put, the French need to clean out these illegal immigrant camps.  Don't forget, these illegals are illegally in France as well.  There is a strong suspicion that the French are content for these people to move on to the UK as it relieves the French of a problem, on their doorstep.
So what is needed is very strong words to the French government and a statement that absent appropriate action from the French then the UK will cease all payments to the EU.   A 24 hour notice period should be ample time for the French to mobilise the appropriate security personnel.  This monetary threat to the EU should bring other nations into the fray and to bring pressure to bear on the French to act more responsibly.
Secondly, at the UK end,  deploy either the military to protect the tunnel or provide the police with appropriate weapons.  These could include Boris Johnson's idle water cannons.  We could maybe even offer these to the French to assist in the quarantine  of  the lorry loading areas, at Calais.
To get the bleeding hearts and BBC followers  out of the way, don't bother me with tripe about human rights and such.  These illegal immigrants are seeking to invade the UK.  David Cameron and the UK government have a duty to protect the borders of this country.   Does anyone think, anyone, that if some of these illegals were shot and killed by British troops or police, we would continue to see the current flood?   At the moment, those that die while making the attempt to enter the UK, consider that it is a calculated gamble that they may be killed in the attempt but they do so, knowing that once they get onto the train, then they are home free and en route to the land of 'milk and honey'.  If they knew, and had examples to illustrate, that they would have a very high risk of being shot, then this would change the dynamic of that gamble.
I recently posted here, that illegal immigrants should be sent back to the country that they came from, France.  For those that survive, then that would still apply but the extreme  risk posed by the swarm of illegal immigrants at Calais, requires a much more robust response.
Oh and no twaddle please about other EU countries absorbing more illegal immigrants than the UK.  I don't care.  As sovereign nations, they can do what they want.  The government of the UK needs to do what is best for the UK and its people.  
As for the United Nations and their comments - to hell with them.  Who are they to tell a sovereign nation how to act?  That corrupt talking shop needs to butt out and keep quite.  indeed, I would favour the UK discontinuing funding of the UN and all of their corrupt programmes, with immediate effect.  The other day, the UN castigated the UK because we still allow parents to chastise their own children.    If you remember nothing else about the UN, remember this.  In 2003 Libya, then led by Colonel Gaddafi, was elected chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission.  If there is such a thing as parody squared, that is it.  This tells you all you need to know about the UN.    

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Action today!

During the Second World War, it is said that Churchill would annotate reports and memos with the comment 'Action Today'  As in, 'no need for further debate, just get on with it!'

Following David Cameron's speech, yesterday, we need a 'Churchillian' approach to tackling Islamic extremism in the UK.  Listening to this speech though, there seems to be much that suggests that fine words will not be met with corresponding actions.

Just in case Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May are unsure of what immediate steps can be taken, I offer the following, that come straight to my mind.

Illegal immigration:  Take immediate steps to end the farce of Immigration Tribunals - if that means immediately repealing parts of the abominable Human Rights legislation, then all the better.   If the House of Lords oppose this legislation or ministerial order, then flood the HoL with peers that will pass the legislation.  We seem to be able, on an almost daily basis, to pass into UK law, regulations and directives that are issued by un-elected Eurocrats in Brussels, so we should be able, in this case  to do pass orders or laws, that are so critically important to our national security.  The legislation or directive passed must allow for the deportation of illegal immigrants even if they have successfully gone through the Immigration Tribunal process, in the past.  At the start of the same day, that legislation starts through the approval process, commence rounding-up these illegal immigrants and hold them in detention , pending deportation.  On the same day, that the legislation is passed, commence the deportations.  These people have no right to be in the UK.  No right at all.  They are illegal immigrants and should be sent from our shores.

  • Create a holding area at the Channel Ports and the Channel Tunnel freight terminal.  Require all trucks entering the UK, to transit through these facilities and be subjected to search.  Immediately deport, on the very next ferry, any illegal immigrants, found.  It is completely wrong to punish lorry drivers that are found to have illegal immigrants in their trucks - they are not the cause of the flood of immigrants that are sitting in France and seeking illegal entry into the UK.  
  • Push through parliament, legislation that requires all non-British citizens to have contributed to the National Insurance and tax system, for a period of five years before they are eligible to claim any welfare benefits.  When the European Union howls, ignore them.  when they threaten fines and such, start to withhold the funding that the UK provides to EU institutions.  By the way, the 'push through' at the start of this paragraph, means accelerate.  Pass in days instead of months or years.
So that should stop the flood of Britain's enemies entering the country.  Now we must turn to the evil 'fifth column' that is already within.
  • For all people that are known to be fighting with Daesh, or as the BBC insists on calling them, the self-styled Islamic State, deport all of their family members, where it is legally possible to do so.  Anyone in this group that has dual nationality - deport them.  Anyone that has been granted 'right to remain' - rescind this and deport them.
  • Include the use of a Daesh black flag, as constituting a 'hate crime' and punish under existing law, however, anyone so convicted, deport them and their families, as mentioned above.  Similarly, any desecration or despoiling of the Union flag or the national flags of England, Scotland and Wales, to count as a 'hate crime' and be punished, as above.  
  • Consult with the Security Services and Special Branch and identify what they consider to be the top 100 'radical' mosques in Britain and close them - today, latest tomorrow.  Close them, then level them and pay no compensation.  Allied to this, end the practice of the call to prayer being broadcast on loudspeakers.  
  • End the failed policy of 'multi-cultularism'.  All schoolchildren attending school, must, by the age of 4 be able to speak English.  All claimants and the people that they are claiming  welfare benefits for must be able to speak, read and write English - No English = No benefits!  Immigrants must integrate or leave.
  • Ban the wearing of the Burqa.  Just do it!  The French have, we should follow suit.  
  • Enforce legislation regarding Female Genital Mutilation.  Whenever this is discovered, deport the family - see above.  Require all doctors to perform an examination of all girls at least once every two years, until they reach the age of 16 years.  Of course this is highly intrusive but we need to stamp-out this vile act.
  • Close all Muslim faith schools - of course that is discriminatory.  Remember though that it is Muslims that are seeking to change the culture of the UK.  It is Muslims that have blown themselves and other Britons up on tube trains and buses.  It is Muslims that have killed a soldier on the streets of the nation's capital.  Jews, Hindus and other faiths manage without special schools.  Their adherents get taught about their religion outside of the state school system.  Muslims can do the same.  What about Christian state schools?  They stay.  The UK is, nominally at least, a Christian country.
  • End Sharia courts and prosecute anyone that participates in one, in any capacity, as being in contempt of court.

All of this may sound, depending on your viewpoint,  as maybe extreme, however, the UK and other Western countries, are in grave danger from the existential threat that is rampant immigration and the 'islamisation' of our societies.  We need to take drastic steps.  Not just to hold back the tide, but to push it back.  We need to reclaim Britain and understand that the values that we hold dear cannot be allowed to be brushed aside by an alien and dangerous 'culture'.  We need to fight back.

So, David Cameron and Theresa May - Action Today!  Or will we just have the usual fine words, no action against the evils perpetrated by the followers of Islam but action launched against people that are gravely concerned about the continuing decline of Britain and its values?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good news from Greece

I don't like to lead people on so be aware that this really isn't exactly about Greece.

I was just pondering what we have learnt from the most recent episode of the Greek Debt Saga.

For me, two things.

Firstly, we now know that the European Union can focus and spend all sorts of time and overtime seeking a solution to a problem.

Secondly, it is entirely possible, or at least the Euro leaders believe, to pass complex legislation in a couple of days.


If we take it for granted that the Greek 'can' has been kicked down the road for a few weeks, could we now maybe think about the UK?

How about, David Cameron and the rest of the EU leaders, hunkering down in Brussels for a long weekend and thrashing out the terms of Britain's continued membership of the European Union?  Many of the issues are really of the Yes or No variety so they shouldn't be too difficult to address.  Country leaders can come prepared having consulted and then say whether they accept or deny the UK position.  Then the list of the UK positions  can be published showing which have and have not been accepted.  Might not even require any 17 hour sessions.

Then, over to Westminster.  A simple question and something about the date and the voting arrangements - I doubt it would cover more than a page.  There would need to be something that says, if the outcome ifs for the UK leaving, then this would occur within 12 months of the date of the referendum.   Then debate, Second Reading, Committee Stage and Third Reading, then to the Lords and through there, quickly.  Both Houses of Parliament sitting continuously and hey presto, we have a bill.  Then fly it up to Balmoral and get the monarch's signature and off we go.

4 weeks for the campaign and then the referendum.  

It should be simple really, though politicians will try to complicate it.  They will say that this requires reasoned debate and so on but in reality, it is 'we the people' that need to debate, not politicians.  They just need to get us the ballot paper and have clarity on what we are voting for or against.

Over to you, David Cameron!

Monday, July 13, 2015

This is a Coup!

Ulster Protestants always remember and celebrate July 12th  because of what they see as William of Orange's victory over a 'papist ruler'.

Now July 12th will be remembered by many other Europeans and especially by the Greeks, as well.  The cause of the remembrance will be the coup that is being imposed upon the people of Greece.

The terms offered to Greece are unacceptable to any democratic country.  Not least, that future laws must first be reviewed and approved by Eurocrats.

Make no mistake, what is happening is that the Eurocrats are imposing rule by unelected EU officials and Greece must place,  in some kind of escrow, in a Luxembourg company, allegedly controlled by Wolfgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister, assets that are to be privatised.

  • Did Greece over-borrow? - Yes but this is a coup
  • Has Greece been over-spending for many years? - yes but this is a coup.
  • Did banks and the Troika over-lend? - Yes but this is a coup.
  • Did Goldman Sachs cooks the Greek books? - Yes but this is a coup.
  • Did the governments of the EU know about GS antics? - Yes but this is a coup.
  • Can the Greeks repay it's debt without a write-off? - No but this is a coup.

In the book and the film of The Godfather, there is a comment by Vito Corleone where he says' today people go into banks with guns to rob it but in the future, they will go with briefcases in and rob the bank'   Now we see that taken to its logical conclusion where these people are robbing not just a bank but a whole country!

The United Kingdom has elected a government that is committed to re-negotiating the terms of UK's continuing membership of the European Union.  I have been mildly in favour of exit but was open to persuasion.  If David Cameron was able to negotiate better terms, which brought the EU back to a looser grouping based on free trade, rather than the undemocratic and nanny-state interfering body that it has become, then I might move towards voting in favour of remaining in the EU.  Not any more.  Now I am firmly in the #Brexit camp.

In the year when the UK, and free people across the world and particularly, in the Anglo-sphere, celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, we in the UK must, for the sake and preservation of our democracy, reject the EU and all that it now stands for.

The question I suppose is, will the EU, emboldened by its take-over of Greece, actually allow the UK to leave?

Fortunately the UK stills has an independent military.  Is still an island and has a growing economy, so perhaps we are strong enough to withstand the German-led anti-democratic juggernaut that is rolling across Europe, however, time is running out.  This movement will get Greece out of the way and then swat the Spanish and move on, aided by a supine media, to crush UK opposition,

The people on Twitter talk of the actions against Greece as being perpetrated by the German Fourth Reich.  No doubt Germans would be offended by this but the German people have put their wallets and savings ahead of any kind of solidarity with the people of Greece and Europe and German politicians have initiated a coup against an elected government.  It is ironic that Greece, the so called cradle of democracy, should be brought down by a government that has such a bad memory of what fascism entails.  A German government that is aided and abetted by the Dutch, who, like the Greeks, know a thing or two about German occupation.  The Dutch seem to have forgotten about the Honger Winter, which is what the Greeks have been facing for a number years, with ever increasing severity.

When, in future, the media bleat about 'freedom of the press' check out their credentials on the Greek crisis.  You will likely find that they have toed the EU line and parroted the lies put out by the Eurocrats because they are in the pockets of them.  They have been bought and paid for.  I stand to be corrected by any journalist reading this but only by their actions not by their words of rebuttal.

Shame too on Rupert Murdoch who, it seems is now in favour of the European Project  and will bring his media empire to bear on the side of anti-democratic forces.

Truly, July 12 2015 has been a very black day for Europe's peoples.

The United Kingdom has only one choice.  We must exit the European Union.  The referendum should be called very soon and the UK can shake of the shackles of anti-democracy.

Oh, and UKIP and others get very excited about the UK's International Aid budget of £12 Billion.  So here's an idea, let's find a way to give sums of this to the people of Greece in a direct way - food banks, for example.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Greece must say Oxhi (No)

On Sunday, Greek voters go to the poll to decide on the referendum about so-called new bail-out terms.

The question on which they are voting is quite convoluted however, the response needs to be No!  The more resounding,the better.

Why No?  Well the answer, in part,  would be why would anyone vote yes?  A Yes vote would mean more austerity being piled upon the Greek people.  Regular readers will know that I am a strong proponent of so called austerity programmes in the UK and US and my views haven't changed but what is proposed for Greece isn't really about that country 'living within its means'.

The whole Greek bail-out situation is about keeping the Euro intact and avoiding European governments and banks from having to write-down the value of loans they have made to Greece.  What has been offered to Greece are loans which are then used, not for the benefit of the Greek people or Greece's economy but to repay interest and falling-due loans to the people that have just made the loan.  This does meethen, zero, nada, zip, for the Greeks but means that those European institutions and banks can claim that the loans are still 'performing' and so no write-off is required.

These banks and such, simply cannot afford to cover the cost of their reckless lending  - and yes, I accept that the Greeks borrowed recklessly - but it is the banks and their shareholders that must now pay the price.

Greece has enacted some reforms, maybe not enough, however the creditors know that further and deeper reforms are becoming counter-productive.

The creditors have focused on Greece's (previously) generous pension arrangements.  People used to be able to retire as early as 50 years of age.  This is now being increased to 67-  the European standard of mid to late 60 years of age,   The propaganda/spin from the creditors is that Greek pensions are so generous and they represent a higher than normal percentage of the Greek GDP.  That was true.  That will become even more true as the rest of Greek economy contracts.   Sometimes I wonder if that is the 'plan' - to have Greece only populated by pensioners and then the creditors can point to the over-generous Greek pensions which then occupy +50% of GDP or whatever!

Greece unemployment is around 25%, and among young people is over 50%.  The austerity proposed does nothing, meethen, zero, nada, zip to stimulate the economy, so this condition will continue.

The proposals, upon which the Greeks will vote are all about paying the creditors.  Don't be deluded by the talk of European solidarity.  There isn't any!  It is every banker for himself!

The Germans have a word - schadenfreude - which kind of captures how the rich Northern Europeans view the situation.  These people look at Greece and Greeks and say 'You are getting what you deserve!  You have had it so easy on the backs of us hard-working Germans, Dutch, etc., with all that early retirement, etc. and now you, the Greeks must pay the price.'  Definitely not communitaire as the European federalists always talk about.

Truth is though, that the German economy has benefited from Greece's participation in the Euro (and that of the other weaker economies of Italy and Spain).   The participation of these countries has depressed the global value of the Euro and this has served to make the exports of a strong economy, like Germany, artificially cheaper on World markets.

The creditors are impoverishing a whole nation rather than face up to their responsibilities.  This is to their shame but also to the shame of their regulators who, for the sake of their own national economies, which would be affected by loan write-offs, have closed their eyes and rule books to these banks.

These creditor nations and organizations are clearly seeking to blackmail and threaten the Greek people.  They are aided by the media who keep pushing the line that many Greeks are going to vote Yes - yes to more unemployment, yes to more poverty, yes to hunger.  It is time for the Greek people to get up off of their knees and say Oxhi, the Greek word for No!  If a Greek person is wondering about voting yes, ask them these questions.  How does a Yes vote help Greece?  How does a Yes vote re-start the Greek economy? How does a yes vote put bread on the tables of Greek's starving people? How does a yes vote stop the mass immigration of Greek youth who are forced to emigrate in order to survive?

A yes vote is a vote to kick the can down the road.  Greeks should say Arketa - Enough!

I should declare an interest in all this.  As a Brit, a No vote would have less of an impact on my country than it would for Germany, for example.  Greek debt to Germany is 93 Billion Euros, while to Britain the amount is just 9.2 Billion Euro.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Offensive Republicans!

I haven't gone over to the dark side!

I believe that it is time for the Republicans to go on the offensive.  I have said here before that it is not possible to treat with Obama.  He has the MSM in his pocket and now seemingly the Supreme Court, so now it is the leaders in the third branch of the US government - the legislature - that needs to come to the aid of the USA and the US Constitution.

First step must be to remove John Boehner and Mitch McConnel from their leadership roles.  Clearly either Obama has the dirt on them (and what dirt it must be for such traitorous actions) or they are being bought-off by Soros and his ilk.  They have to go and go now.and then Republicans rally round a common platform that is designed to use all Constitutional levers to thwart Obama.

This has to start with the initiation of impeachment proceedings against Obama and Kerry.  Also using the strongest Congressional powers against Hillary Clinton, for her crimes in Benghazi and with her e-mail criminality.  Then also, action against Holder for Fast and Furious and whatever else can be thrown at him.  Then the IRS.

America, and Republicans in particular, you can no longer sit back and think 'well they got that but they wouldn't go any further' because they will.  Make no mistake these people do not serve the interests of America.  The Iran deal alone, puts America at a very grave risk.

Don't be distracted by the literally 'false flag' issues such as the Confederate flag or the  SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage or on Obamacare.  These can be addressed once the people re-take control.

For now, focus on stopping Obama but first get the leadership to do so.

EU immigration

Back in April, I posted here regarding the problem that the European Union was facing with migrants and boat people.

I can accept that political leaders haven't had time to read my blog, which carries the only realistic solution to the problem but surely some of them have the wit and wisdom to come-up with the answers?

No, instead, they are now proposing to deal with the result of the problem and not the cause.

The 'result of the problem' is illegal immigrants landing in Italy and Greece, ether via rickety unseaworthy boats or by being rescued and delivered by EU government rescue vessels.  The solution now put forward is to relocate these people throughout the EU.  There will, we are told, be no quotas.  So, given the largely self-inflicted economic malaise that is afflicting much of the EU, why would any country accept these people?

More importantly, how does that stop the flood of migrants, continuing?

Most of these people are economic migrants - certainly, I would suggest, most of those coming via Libya, so why would they stop?  The drivers that push them to risk their lives and life-savings on a gamble of a better life in the EU, are not going away and these people can see that if they can just get onto a boat and get into the vicinity of an Italian, Greek or other EU vessel, then they will achieve their goal.

The only real solution remains the same.  These migrants must be sent back to their 'jump-off' point in Libya or Turkey and deposited there.  To do anything other than this is completely imbecilic. Someone (Einstein? Churchill?) once said that madness is to do the same thing time after time after time and expect different results.  We really need to close Europe's borders.  And to do so now.  We need to push these people and the problem they are causing, back to where they come from.  Europe, and that really means the UK, Germany and France, simply cannot absorb the levels of immigration that are currently being seen.  That isn't racism, that is economic reality.  British politicians were pilloried, in the past, for talking of being 'swamped' by immigrants.  This though is the truth in certain areas.  taking the UK as an example, there are areas which simply cannot cope with the overwhelming numbers that are now arriving.  Health services, schools, etc., are buckling under the strain, housing too.  And this will lead to racial strife as these immigrants, who have never contributed to the state coffers, make all sorts of claims on their new 'home country'.

Staying with the UK, we are allowing the natural defence that an island nation enjoys, being surrounded by water, to be overcome because we  are pussy-footing around with illegal immigrants and allow them to be aided and abetted by the UK legal system and so called Human Rights legislation and EU policies.  If, as said, David Cameron, wants a Yes vote for continued membership of the EU, in the referendum, then the border needs to be secured and secured now.

  • Deploy troops at the ferry terminals and send these people back on the next ferry or train.  
  • Deny them, all of them, any right of appeal - they are illegal, they should have no rights since they have forfeited those rights by virtue of their illegal act - entering the UK, illegally! 
  • For those currently within the UK, who are awaiting deportation, speed-up the process - appeals heard in days not months or years - have the immigration tribunals work around the clock.  
  • Remove from all illegal immigrants, including those awaiting deportation, any access to benefits.  That's welfare benefits, housing, schooling - all benefits.  Simply imprison/inter them and then expedite the deportation process.
  • Put pressure on France to remove the immigrant camps, which are used as staging posts.  What pressure?  Well how about pulling over all French registered trucks that enter the UK and conducting a full search of these vehicles.  Full as in unloading all pallets and goods, at the port, and inspecting these.  Right now, France doesn't feel any pain from these illegal immigrant camps - let their exporters feel some and they can talk to their government.
  • For all of these, simply ignore any whingeing and whining from our EU partners or the fools in the European courts of 'justice'.  

Right now, this immigration issue, which is not incorrectly called an invasion, must be tackled both for the EU and for the UK.  This can simply cannot be kicked down the road.

Some will see this post as racist.  They are wrong.  It is racist to allow people to come to the EU and think that they will have a better life, at the expense of the indigenous population.