Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Europe's failure and Obama's exceptionalism

I recently started to post on a daily basis, a review of the news, with my own particular slant on it.
Observant readers will notice I haven't managed to do this for a few days.  Don't worry, it is a specially heavy workload that has got to me, not the forces of evil!

Also, there really hasn't been that much 'new' in the news.

We continue to hear weasel words from politicians that talk tough but in reality do little.

President Obama likes to think he is exceptional.  Certainly his description of the horrors perpetrated in Paris, by Islamic extremists, as a 'setback' puts him into a particularly 'exceptional' class.  He is unable to even call the terrorists, Islamic.  He did the same when describing the Fort Hood massacre, carried out by a Muslim, who claimed to be a jihadi, as an incident of 'workplace violence'.

President Obama, is very largely alone in his denial and refusal to call these terrorists, Islamic.  The 'twitterati' insist that is because he is of the Muslim faith.  Certainly he has spent a great deal of time with Muslims - spending part of his youth in Muslim Indonesia, could well have guided him on his faith path - but I think that it goes deeper than that.  In my view his upbringing, which was centered on the Communist way, embedded in him, a deep hatred of the West and America in particular and he cannot bring himself to berate people who share his views.  I know that may sound extreme but listen to his speeches and he regularly talks about what he sees as  'the ills of America' and the West.  His words are not too far dissimilar from those of the leaders of Daesh and Al Qaeda and Boko Haram and the Shining Path and other anti-West terrorists organisation.

Paris is starting to return to normal, or at least the new normal.  A state of emergency is in place and French troops patrol the streets and landmark properties.
Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the principal seat of the European Parliament, has been in lock-down for days.
The British shamefully dither about whether or not to extend bombing to Daesh targets, in Syria, while at the same time, thinking that getting Islamists, who are returning from fighting for Daesh, to attend 'de-radicalisation' classes, will somehow solve the fifth column problem.
Ultra-Liberal Sweden is now enjoying the fruits of its ever-open door for immigrants while becoming the 'rape' capital of Europe.  Maybe,  inviting in all of those unaccompanied men, who vastly predominate in the 'refugee' population, it is not entirely a surprise that Sweden has a new 'achievement'.
Meanwhile, very belatedly, fences are starting to go up and the Schengen agreement is falling to pieces.  It is impossible to justify open borders, when their very openness invites in people who have no qualms about murdering their hosts.  And these people who are often aided and abetted by local co-religionists.

For Belgians it must be particularly galling that having opened their country to wave after wave of immigrants and turning a blind eye, while within these hordes some used Belgium as an operational base, they are now experiencing the effects of their laissez faire policies being visited upon their own doorsteps.

The same could be said of Sweden.  This is a country that has always been very open to 'refugees' and now the local population are finding themselves swamped.  Not widely reported in the media, it seems that some (many?) Swedes have had enough and there are signs of rising resentment with refugee centres being fire-bombed and so on.

All the while, the European Union goes on its merry, expensive and ineffectual way.  Germany's Angela Merkel is quieter these days as she is reeling from the backlash unleashed by her idiotic 'we will take you all in' invitation.  So into the breach, steps the unelected Jean-Claude Juncker.  For non-European readers, he is the non-entity that is the President of the European Commission, who was selected by EU leaders.  He is a former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, so you have an adequate sense of his experience on the world stage!

Meanwhile, in the background, Greece is still teetering on the economic brink and Portugal is dallying with a government that has a plurality and is anti-austerity and very much opposed to the EU/IMF/World Bank austerity.

Maybe there is some new news, after all!

To Americans, have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Britain and Labour's shame

This isn't about the home teams' poor performance in the Rugby World Cup.   Sadly, this is a comment on the abject state of Britain's policy of appeasement and cowardice in the face of radical Islam.

The UK parliament will, at some point in the near future, vote on the UK military taking part in a coalition of countries fighting against Daesh in Syria.  The Labour party are still considering their position but their leader seems to be fundamentally opposed to any military action, whatsoever.  The Conservative leader, Prime Minister David Cameron, had his nose bloodied a couple of years ago and now wants to have a vote that produces an overwhelming majority in favour of action.  The Scottish Nationalists have yet to settle on their position but have previously been against intervention.

Bear in mind that what will be voted upon, is intervention in Syria.  The UK is already contributing, albeit very half-heartedly, in the fight against Daesh, in Iraq.  Think about that, for a moment.  You are a Royal Air Force bomber pilot about to bomb a target close to the Syria-Iraq border, but since the border is really just a line on a map, do you bomb a Daesh convoy or do you return to base?  Do you just bomb the ones you are fairly sure are on the Iraqi side and let the others close to the border proceed or what?  Do you worry that the ones you didn't bomb are now free to go off and enslave and kill people who aren't members of the Daesh death cult?  Do you think about the fact that liberal 'desk-jockeys' back in the comfort of the Ministry of Defence, in London, will, after the event sit in judgement over you and, like Sergeant Al Blackman (so called Marine A) you could end up in jail?  Do you maybe think that it would be far easier to have a leader like President Obama, who is severely restraining the USAF's bombing missions and so taking away the need to make such decisions (even though America could bomb, both sides of the border)?   Do you think that a leader like Russia's President Putin would be better - he seems to be okay with bombing and doesn't respect borders (see Ukraine) but does seem more interested in bombing anti-Assad forces, than Daesh.  Do you have time for all this thinking?

But I digress!

As said earlier, Britain's parliament will vote, in the near future.  The vote has been mooted for some time but Cameron has been postponing it because he couldn't be sure of winning it - even though the Conservatives have a parliamentary majority.  With the recent unanimous UN Security Council vote, he will perhaps feel more confident of getting wavering Labour supporters.

Labour is now led by Jeremy Corbyn and in the past he has shown very strong support for the murderous Provisional IRA terrorists as well as the terrorist Hamas organisation, so he is perhaps conflicted about taking on another terrorist organisation?  Certainly his reaction  to the death of Jihadi John - he thought it would have been better if he had been brought to justice - was typical Corbyn, since only 'boots on the ground' (something Corbyn opposes) could capture Jihadi John!  I expect that a vote when it comes, will produce the largest rebellion against Corbyn's leadership, because he will oppose a vote calling for escalation against Daesh and many of his backbenchers will not support him.

The SNP are struggling to find a way to make themselves relevant, at Westminster and only manage by performing stunts, so they may oppose, en bloc.  They are saying they will hear what the government has to argue and then decide but my sense is that they instinctively oppose the Conservatives, just on principle.

What most bothers me about all of this, is the moral vacuum in which the UK, finds itself.  We seem to be okay with others doing our fighting for us.  We accept Russian pilots putting their lives on the line, to bomb Daesh and therefore remove people that might come to the UK and kill and terrorise us but we won't fight.  That is shaming!  I don't believe that there is any cowardice on the part of the UK's military but it is certainly being exhibited by UK politicians!

These same UK politicians have seen the failure of multi-culturalism and yet continue to appease Islam.  They bend the knee to the terrorist supporting Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Iran so it is no surprise that they are unable to see a clear way out of the moral dilemma in which they have cornered themselves.

They are starting to consider that maybe, just maybe, opening the doors to the so called 'refugees' currently invading Europe isn't the best way to solve the Syrian civil war.  Especially with so many potential terrorists coming in, at the same time.  Certainly the opinion of the British public is moving very decisively away from accepting 'refugees' - post-Paris, while at the same time, majority opinion is still in favour of the RAF taking part in air strikes on Daesh.

I posted recently calling on the forces of good, to carpet bomb Raqqa and I repeat that.  Daesh need to be eradicated.  The fools in the corridors of power, in Westminster, the White House and elsewhere need to understand that there can be no negotiations or discussions with this death cult.  Daesh are interested only in killing people that do not follow their version of Islam - those UK Labour people who think that a political deal can be reached with Daesh are the same kind of fools that led to the belief that it was possible to do a deal with Hitler, in the 1930s.

Cameron must call the vote, early next week and expose Labour and the SNP for what at best might be called naivete and at worse, political opportunism.

Oh! And the vote should not be just for air strikes.  It should be for all military options.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris and denial

An open letter to President Hollande, President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister David Cameron and other Western Leaders

Yesterday, I posted here on the threat posed by the fifth column within Western societies.  I had no idea that the (incomplete) list of atrocities, committed by Muslims in the name of the 'religion of peace' would have new attacks to be added, so soon.

Firstly, let's get Jihadi John out of the way.  These attacks in Paris required planning, coordination and materiel.  It beggars belief that these attacks were in any way a reaction to the killing of the Daesh executioner, Jihadi John.  No way!

Staying with Jihadi John, for a moment, it is shaming that the UK Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn bemoaned that it is a pity that Jihadi John wasn't brought before a court of law  rather than just being eliminated.  It is this kind of seriously muddled and plain wrong, thinking, that has brought us to where we are.  Didn't expect too much from Corbyn, who has 'form' in standing-up for terrorists but feel ashamed and embarrassed for all those decent Labour party supporters, who he claims to represent.

President Hollande, of France, has reacted by closing the border and declaring a state of emergency.  Monsieur Le President!  Too late.  The enemy is within!  For years you and your Socialist party and the Communists and other liberals have invited more and more potential terrorists into your country.  You have allowed 'no go' areas to develop.  You have allowed abominations like the 'jungle' camp at Calais, full of lawless illegal immigrants, to flourish.  You have failed to act, time and time again, when Muslims have committed attacks.

In reaction to this latest attack, President Hollande has stated that the reaction will be pitiless.  Why wasn't it so after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, in January, or any of the other attacks?

I will answer for you.  Indeed, for all of the Western leaders.

Simply put, it is because Hollande, Obama, Merkel, Cameron and all of the others are in denial.  You think that ignoring the issue of the Muslim fifth column, will somehow make it go away.  That appeasing Muslim groups, who label themselves as 'moderate' will somehow lead to those groups delivering-up the 'radicals' in their midst.  That by continually bowing down to the Wahabi fanatics of Saudi Arabia and the Ayatollahs in Tehran and Qom, they will become reasonable.  That ignoring the atrocities that are daily carried out, in the name of Islam - the stoning of women, the hanging of homosexuals and the persecution of Christians, for example - shouldn't stop us considering these people as the same as us.  That being kind and considerate and opening up your countries to an alien invasion, is somehow the right thing to do.

You political leaders have facilitated these atrocities.  Aided and abetted by your fellow-travellers in the media.

Europe, the USA and Canada are societies/civilisations that have been founded and developed on Judeo-Christian principles.  The tolerance found in the West is completely absent in Islam.  Not just overlooked or ignored but completely absent.  Tolerance in the West has been declining in recent years.  The cult of Political Correctness feeds an unhealthy intolerance and paradoxically, supports the most un-PC of groups - Muslims.  As a white, hetrosexual male, if I pass a derogatory comment or just any kind of comment about a homosexual, the PC brigade will attack me as being bigoted.  If the homosexual is black, I will also get the racist card, thrown at me.  If the homosexual is a lesbian, you can add in a sexist charge.  And yet, Daesh have been throwing homosexuals off of buildings (and filming the events) since last year,  Iran hangs homosexuals from crane jibs and Afghanistan and Pakistan stone to death, women who are accused of adultery and the PC crowd is silent.  Why?  Well mustn't offend the Muslims.

In a badly-timed TV interview, President Obama told Americans, yesterday, that ISIS was contained. Well the Paris killers schooled Obama on that!  The only way you can say they are 'contained' is when they are contained within a box or in an ash pile.

We shouldn't be surprised at Obama's latest failings.  This is the man who claims that so called Climate Change is the biggest threat to America's national security.  The same man who wants to bring in 100,000 Syrian 'refugees' and of course, there will be no radical Muslims in that lot.   The same man who has opened up the Southern border, such that you can't really say that America still has one!

My message to Western leaders, other than Obama is now is the time to abandon the US President.  He seems intent on destroying America and will drag others into his highly warped dystopia.

Second message is, end the immigration crisis now.  Close the borders, deploy naval forces to the Mediterranean Sea and send back all vessels containing refugees, from whence they came.  Deploy NATO troops to the southern European borders, build fences and keep the refugees out.  Those 'refugees' that have arrived.  Put them in buses and trains and send them back.  If you don't then prepare for more Paris-type attacks.  London, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, the list will go on and on.  We are at war.

I remind you all of Pastor Niemoller's words

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
   The me could be you as a Christian, you as a homosexual, you as an atheist, you as woman.  Indeed the you could be anyone that isn't a Muslim.  In fact, the you could be a Shiite Muslim, if it is the Sunni's that are in the ascendancy!

Action is needed or the horrors of Hitler's holocaust will be as nothing compared to what is to come.
Daesh is a death cult that some call a cancer on the Muslim body.  In the world of medicine, cancer is often treated with radiation.  Maybe that is what is called for, in Raqqa for a start.  Then the appeasement of Saudi Arabia and Iran and Pakistan needs to be very forcefully addressed.

Fundamentally, the West needs to understand that playing by the rule book, to defeat someone who know no rule book other than the Quran, is a policy that is doomed to failure.  Ask yourself.  Would you really be concerned if Raqqu was carpet-bombed, or worse, if such action stopped more Paris-like attacks?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Jihadi John, Muslims and Refugees

Stories coming out of the Pentagon state that they believe they have successfully targeted and killed, with a drone-delivered explosive, Mohammed Emwazi.  This is the Daesh killer known as Jihadi John.

Some, not including myself, will no doubt question the legality of such an extra-judicial killing but I would expect that the overwhelming majority of decent people, would see this as a very welcome piece of news.  This person took vile and murderous behaviour to new depths.  His execution was the only acceptable outcome.

Any 'liberals' who have a problem with his death, go online a take a look at what he did to other innocents - Steven Sotloff, James Foley , David Haines, Alan Henning, Abdul-Rahman Kassig and Kenji Goto.

This Mohammed Emwazi was a refugee who, with his family,  left Kuwait and was accepted into Britain.  He then became another example of the 'enemy within' and it is worth remembering other 'refugees and migrants' who have abused the countries that took them in.

  • The Boston bombers, who killed three innocents, were refugees/immigrants to the USA.
  • The killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, on the streets of London, were migrants from Nigeria.
  • 3 of the 4 bombers who killed 52 people in London, in July 2005, were the children of immigrants from Pakistan.  The other killer was from Jamaica.
  • The bombers of the Madrid trains, who killed 191 people, were from Morocco, Syria and Algeria.
  • The killers at Charlie Hebdo magazine and the Jewish supermarket, in Paris,  had origins in Algeria and Mali.

So all of these 'enemies within' had a refugee/immigrant background.  The other thing that they had in common, was that all were Muslim.  Some say that these were 'radical Muslims' and shouldn't be confused with normal 'moderate' Muslims.  Some others say that the difference between a 'radical' Muslim, like Jihadi John and a 'moderate' Muslim is that Jihadi John would cut off a persons head but the 'moderate' Muslim would be holding the person down.  Make up your own mind but when you do so, ask yourself how many times in recent years have you heard the politicians talk of 'moderate' Muslims - a clue - it is usually straight after another atrocity committed by Muslims.  Consider also, when was the last time you heard of a bunch of Catholics or Seventh Day Adventists or Jews or Hindus cutting off the heads of people from a different faith?  

Maybe all of those clamouring for our doors to be flung open, should stop and consider this.  I have already posted here on September 11, 2015, my proposal that the only refugees that should be taken are those that have a lifetime sponsor, in the host country.  If you are a famous actor, say Benedict Cumberbatch, for example, then you can take in a refugee or a family of them, if, and only if, you guarantee to be financially responsible for them for the remainder of their lives.  Maybe that needs to be extended to include responsibility for the behaviour of them and their children?  Might be a bit radical but maybe throwing a Leftie 'luvvie' or two in jail, might be a good way to sort out the poseurs from the committed?


Thursday, November 12, 2015

News review November 12

Russian doping
Well, seems like the threat of a suspension and banning from the Rio Olympics has got President Putin's attention.

Putin is now scrambling to show activity - meaningful or otherwise - and that Russia is taking the issue seriously and will conduct its own investigation.

So the IAAF must keep up the pressure and pass a provisional ban - suspend Russia from all international athletics competitions for up to two years, with a review in say 6 months.  This review would see if Russia has changed at all and if it has 'cleaned-up its act' then they could participate in the Rio Olympics, if not, they can't.

Incidentally, if any Russians are reading this, it is not relevant that other nations are allowing doping.  Fact (and it is indisputable) is that Russian athletes were doping.  Fact is that the Russian state supported the suppression of the evidence and findings - they didn't just close their eyes to it, they actively supported it.

I suspect/suppose that doping is occurring in other countries.  Maybe some of those countries are also 'doing a Russia' and, as a state, supporting the suppression of investigations.  That though, in no possible way, excuses Russia.

Russia must be punished so that it and every other country, understands that such cheating will not be allowed.

So the solution to stopping the flood of African economic migrants from invading Europe, is to bung $2 billion to their governments!  Who knew?

These are the same governments who have mis-managed hundreds of billions of aid dollars in the past and squandered part of these vast sums on grandiose projects, with suitably large transfers to Swiss accounts.

A health tip for you - don't hold your breath for this 'solution' actually achieving anything.  For a start, given the parlous state of the public finances of many (most?) of the European countries, we can expect that this will not be 'new' money but rather diverted from existing aid budgets.  Then of course, since the money won't filter down to the people of Africa, it won't achieve the desired effect.

My tip to those European leaders in Malta.  If you want to stop the flood, do two things.  End tariffs on all agricultural exports from Africa to Europe.  This will dramatically increase the benefit of staying on the farm in Africa.  Secondly, send back any and all such migrants.

So carrot and stick!

Kurds and Sinjar
Today the Kurdish Peshmerga, supported with coalition air strikes, are seeking to re-take the strategic town of Sinjar.

This is very welcome news.  This might be a precursor to the re-taking of Mosul.

What would be more welcome though, is if European nations and the US, started arming the Kurds and doing so, in a big way.  The Kurdish Peshmerga have been holding the front line against Daesh since last year, when they halted the advance of this murderous death-cult.  They have been doing this at great cost to their people and without any materiel support from the West.  The West apparently don't want to offend the Iraqi government, in Baghdad.  I have news for the West, the Kurds can be our friends, while Baghdad is moving daily evermore into the Iranian sphere of influence and control.  

I will follow my own tip though and not hold my breath.  Obama is in such thrall to the Ayatollahs in Tehran and Qom that the US won't be doing the right thing, this side of January 2017!  Europe though, can and should start arming the Kurds.  Consider that the Kurds are doing, in Kurdistan, what might otherwise be happening much nearer to Europe's own doorstep.

Cameron under impresses
Not a surprise but people have seen the 'demands' that David Cameron has sent to Britain's European Union partners, and found them severely wanting.  They just don't get us anywhere near where we need to be, in terms of a changed relationship.  Also, why start with such weak demands and have nothing to concede as part of the negotiating position?

I am starting to come to the conclusion that Cameron is either a Euro-skeptic or his fast heading that way!  Knowing he can't get the German-dominated EU to see the error of their ways, he is putting forward something so weak, that if he doesn't get that, then he can campaign for Brexit.

Egypt plane crash
We don't no for sure but is seems pretty likely that the Russian Metrojet airliner was brought down as a result of a bomb, probably loaded into the luggage cargo hold.

People are pointing the finger at lax security procedures at Egyptian airports.  Truth is though, that many airports are vulnerable, in my view.

At the front of airports, we have very extensive (some would say intrusive) procedures to search passengers and their cabin luggage.  Yet, the back-door is potentially left wide open.  These airports are 'manned' by hundred and sometimes thousands of workers on minimum wage.  Many of these, in Europe, are immigrant and they may well be subject to local community pressure and/or pressure back in their home country's and yet the level of security, at the back-door, seems to be quite rudimentary.

Very worrying!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

News review November 11

Football punishment
The English Football Association has fined West Ham and Chelsea, £40,000 and £50,000 for 'failing to control their players' during their recent encounter.

Seriously?  These amounts are utterly meaningless to clubs of their size.  Also, there is no punishment for the causers of the loss of control - the players!

Surely all of the players, should each be fined - something substantial, say £100,00 each - and they should all have a yellow card assigned- something that adds up and leads, if repeated,  to a 3 match ban.  I do mean all.  The whole team, not just those that get involved in the melee.

As for the clubs, make the punishment meaningful.  An instant deduction of 3 points and, of 9 points if they are a repeat offender.  I can't help but think that this would concentrate the minds.  Points and league positions equate to serious money and money-making opportunities.

While we are on the subject.  If the manager/coach is punished, then again, the club should have points deducted.

In English football, today, monetary punishments are useless.  It's points that matter!

Refugees again
European and African leaders are meeting in Malta, to discuss the problem of economic migrants that are currently flooding into Europe.

We can expect the usual claptrap about developing Africa so that people will stay in their home country, etc., followed by European throwing money, Africa's way.

However, as in the past, this will be totally irrelevant and won't solve the problem.

African economic migrants want to come to Europe because their economic prospects, in Europe, are better.  Some will claim that this is because of European welfare programmes.  This then becomes a useful foil for pro-immigration liberals to attack and use against immigration controls, by screaming 'racist'!  Whatever the truth, the migrants come because they will have a better economic life in Europe than they would have in Africa.

The only real solution is to close the door.  And seal it!  In practise this would mean returning all of these immigrants to their home country.  All of them.  Returned.  No half measures - all of them, returned.  We have to turn back the flood at the source.   To let these people know that they simply cannot come in.  That, if they do make it to our shores, then each and every one of them, each and every time, will be returned from whence they came.  And, to keep on sending them back.

Any half-measures or anything less than complete repatriation means that Europe may as well do a 'Merkel' and just tell all of Africa to come on over.

US GOP Debate
The latest debate has taken place.  I didn't see the TV show but there is dispute over who performed well and who didn't.

From what I can gather:

Ben Carson was fairly quite but escaped unscathed, with no mud, about his memoir mis-rememberings.

Donald Trump was noisy as always and found to be severely wanting on his foreign policy platform and ridiculed for his plans to repatriate 11 million illegal immigrants.

Ted Cruz, when he got the chance to speak on any subject, seems to have 'knocked it out of the park' and showed not just his very strong debating skills but also the depth of his policy proposals.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio also seem to have performed well, though Paul's isolationist stance is, rightly, unpopular.

The others?  Well Kasich behaved boorishly and interrupted a lot, Bush got a couple of good hits in but no killer quotes.  Fiorina showed competence but at times seems fixated on Trump's anti-female slip-ups.

Overall,  Cruz and Rubio looked and sounded like winners and of course Trump and Carson are still there but we should soon start  ti see the others, falling away.m  As they do, we can expect Trump's shortcomings to become ever more apparent.  

America's bureaucrats
I can't believe I am alone in being outraged that senior bureaucrats that are supposed to serve the American people, can 'take the fifth' and, then continue in their well-paid roles.

John Koskinen, the current Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service,  has 'taken the fifth' while testifying to Congress concerning the wholesale shenanigans that went on, under the earlier Commissioner, Lois Lerner.

Think about that.  He is employed by the US government.  Congress, on behalf of the US taxpayer, exercises oversight of, among other agencies, the IRS.  Congress is there to make sure that the IRS carries out its work in accordance with the wishes of, and on behalf of, the US taxpayer.  Yet, when Congress want to question the head of the IRS, he is able to 'take the fifth' and he still gets to keep his job!!  Can anyone imagine being able to do that in the private sector?

" Tom, I want to speak to you about the performance of your department"  "Sir" responds Tom, "I refuse to answer your questions on the grounds of potential self-incrimination"  "Oh!", says Tom's boss,  "okay then, let's move on".

If these bureaucrats were doing a great job, you could maybe feel some sympathy at them having to face, what might possibly be politically inspired questioning.  However, many, at the top simply aren't.  Look at the Environmental Protection Agency, that polluted the Colorado River.  Look at the Veterans Administration, that continues to mistreat and intentionally delay treatment to America's veterans.  Look at the IRS, that targeted organisations that were anti-Obama.  Look at the Justice Department that went after General Petraeus for having classified documents on a personal computer but has done nothing, about Hillary Clinton's use of, and then wiping cleaning of, a personal e-mail server.  The list goes on and on and the 'tone from the top' is so inappropriate that it is no wonder that these agencies are so out of control.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

News update November 10

IAAF and Russia doping
Lord Sebastian Coe is either being excessively polite to the Russian athletics authorities or he is not yet entirely confident that he can persuade the organisation that he now leads, the IAAF, to do the right thing.

The World Anti-Doping Association - WADA - found widespread and state-sponsored support of a programme designed to thwart efforts to root out performance enhancing and other doping, from athletics.  The crystal clear recommendation is that Russia should be banned from international athletic meetings for a period of time.  Such time would include the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics.  Consider that there is none of the usual 'bureacratese' about the WADA report - nothing about 'appropriate disciplinary action' or 'measures should be taken'.  WADA are clear - a ban.

Come on Lord Coe!  Send the world of sport a very clear message that doping is unacceptable and will be punished.  This might be harsh on any 'clean' Russian athletes but that's just tough.  Russia needs to suffer for its sins and so that the world of athletics knows, that the IAAF has teeth.

Global Warming
I don't subscribe to the fad of changing a subject title simply because the facts stubbornly refuse to support it!  So I won't be discussing the faddish 'Climate Change'

The BBC and no doubt all of their fellow travellers in the environmental lobby are sounding the alarm bells because the temperature figures for 2015 through to the end of September are 1.02C above the average for the period 1850 to 1900.  They try to slide in a comment about 'confusion' relating to earlier periods but we have seen, time and time again, that the Global Warming scaremongers have consistently fudged and fixed the numbers to suit their pseudo-science.  Always, always remember, these folks have monetary and career based vested interests in pushing the warnings.

The latest data is a joint effort from the UK Meteorological Office and the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  The latter were heavily discredited, and remain so in many people's opinions, by their highly questionable behaviour in the Climate Gate scandal.

The BBC do have the good grace to admit that the so called El Nino weather phenomenon is also a contributory factor in the temperature increase but don't say whether or not this was present during the earlier time period - so we don't know if the data sets are comparing apples with apples!  Nothing new for the Global Warming industry!  

Prepare yourself for a shock!

Sitting comfortably?  Okay, I'll begin.

It seems that a leading member of Daesh/ISIS has been discovered among the so called Syrian 'refugees'.  I know, what a shock, almost floored me.  Then I remembered that sensible commentators - you know, those that point out that most of the 'refugees' are in fact young men of military age and these far outnumber the relatively few families - the commentators have consistently predicted that Daesh would use the situation to infiltrate battle-hardened terrorists into Europe.

Don't be surprised at this story, when or more accurately if, you hear about it but do consider how many we don't know about!  It would be naive in the extreme, to suppose that these murderous maniacs have only slipped one killer in among the 'refugees'.  Especially when the extremely foolish Merkel, threw open the German border, to them all.

Incidentally, it seems that the 'refugees' are very fast wearing out their welcome - or in many cases have already worn it out - in Sweden, Austria and Germany. If Twitter chatter is to be believed, these countries are seeing significantly increased instances of rape and child molestation as well has attacks on Christians.  And that is before Daesh get themselves properly situated!  

Just thought I would mention it.  It seems to have fallen off of the news agenda in recent months but the few available reports suggest that this Saudi/Iran proxy war is particularly bloody and, as is so often the case, civilians are the largest victim group.

Don't hear too much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Obama's White House though.  One senses that this will run and run.

You likely won't hear too much about what is going on in Israel either.

Palestinians - remember those people that 'right-on' countries have been rushing to recognise as a state - are entering Israel and then seeking to stab and kill random innocent Israeli civilians.  Old lady on a bus - stab her - in the name of peace!  Group standing at a bus stop - drive a car into them and then jump out and stab them, just to make sure they die - for peace, of course.

You will though, hear the usual Leftist bleating if Israel reacts by sealing off Gaza and the West Bank.  I am kind of surprised that Netanyahu hasn't done this already!

More tomorrow....