Friday, October 19, 2012

Obama's shame and poor character

Speaking on Jon Stewart's TV comedy show, President Obama has been reported as categorizing the death of four Americans, at their Benghazi consulate as ' not optimal'.

You think!

The deaths of four servants of the American people isn't 'optimal' .  In seeking to garner the votes of the sneering elite that really don't like America, Obama has shamed his office and his country.

This would always be wrong but given the story of a cover-up that is fast emerging, is especially worrying.

Obama and the White House are struggling to explain why they reduced security at the Benghazi consulate, even after attacks on it, which now seem clearly to have been trial runs, and after a request for ramped-up safety measures.  Also after attacks on a senior British official and the Red Cross.

They are also struggling to explain why they conflated this brutal attack with the anti-Islamic video and initially insisted that this was the outcome of some kind of spontaneous public protest demonstration when it seems clear that this was a planned and well executed attack by terrorists.

Now the story (from the White House) is that this was always known to be a terrorist attack and they claim they said so (the evidence is extremely flimsy and based on making the stretchiest use of the English language and the use of a couple of words out of hundreds spoken the day after the horrific events).

Consider though that this is the only evidence, nothing more was said about 'terror;' for two weeks.  Indeed, this attack on Americans was so riveting that President Obama didn't see the need to cancel a fundraiser on the other side of the country and remain in the White House to deal with this.  No he went to Nevada and cashed in!

Now we see people from the administration being sacrificed to save Obama.  However, Hillary Clinton has already stepped in front of the bus and so now there is no one else, except for Obama himself. 

Don't hold your breath though!  Europeans know that leftists never take responsibility or blame and as Obama has dragged the USA towards a European 'social' model, that is one trait that he and his followers have swiftly adopted.

As polling day looms, the key issue around the election is now moving to one of character and integrity - that is the honesty of Obama - rather than the economy and America's debt and deficit 'habit'.

As a 'Brit' I cannot vote in the US elections but if I could, I know, absolutely, that Obama's character could not allow me to vote for him, leave alone all his other dangerous policies.

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