Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

At this time of year, people resolve to do or not do, certain things.  Here are my non-personal ones.

  1. I will try not to wonder why a Conservative-led government allows itself to receive all of the opprobrium being heaped upon it for making austerity cuts, when it isn't actually reducing Public Expenditure. 
  2. I will also try to accept that the Lib-Dem 'tail' wagging the Tory 'dog' is a good thing for the UK and democracy.
  3. I will await the answer to my question on who actually wants homosexuals to have a so called marriage and what this 'ceremony' confers that is different from what homosexuals already have.
  4. I shall eagerly hope that Arsenal find where Ivan has hidden the finances and then spend those  to bolster their defence and mid-field with 'take-charge' players who can dominate.  At the same time, I await the appointment of Jack Wilshere as club captain.
  5. The much-anticipated EU speech, by David Cameron will surely allow me to rest easy that the UK will finally be given the option of an In/Out referendum and I won't need to bang-on about this.  Do you think?
  6.  What to say about Scotland?  I do resolve to offer the hope that the politicians will provide its people with a balanced argument relative to the subject of independence.  With wily Alex there though, I somehow already doubt my hope will be responded to.  
  7. Green taxes - I will continue to highlight these iniquitous taxes that add to the burden for people, increase so called fuel poverty and signally fail to reduce so called greenhouse gases. 

OK, the truth!  I will break #1 very soon (sub-consciously, I have probably already done so!).  #2 - isn't going to happen!  #3 - I won't hold my breath.  #4 This is a regular resolution or is it hope?  #5 Can but hope.  #6 When a nation has a chip on it's shoulder, balance is maybe too much to wish for.  #7 Reading Hiding the Decline by A.W. Montford to be better prepared for the 'green' liars and their allies at the biased BBC.

Enjoy 2013 and keep on thinking Right!!


  1. RE point 3 - see the comments on your blog at:



    There's those answers you're looking for.