Friday, June 14, 2013

High Treason in the UK and the ECHR

It occurs to me that when the two Islamists attacked and murdered Drummer Lee Rigby, they actually committed treason.  They, by their own words, killed him because he was a serving soldier from the British Army.  And they committed this murder within the realm of HM Queen Elizabeth.  Surely that qualifies this as the crime of treason?

I thought, until just recently, that treason was one of the few crimes left, to which capital punishment could be applied.  However, it seems that a combination of acts passed by the last Labour government, including signing-up to the 13th protocol of the much-despised European Convention on Human Rights in 2004, means that the death penalty cannot be used as either a deterrent or as a fitting reward for these jihadists.  Yet another 'green light' for terrorists from Labour.

Much has been already written about how the ECHR and its application by British judges flies in the face of common sense and decency.  Much also has been said and many hands have been wrung by Conservative politicians about the need for reform of the ECHR.  It seems to me that it is a fundamental obligation, maybe even the fundamental obligation, of government to protect its people.  How do we square that with a government that seems powerless (or is maybe unwilling) to repeal legislation that puts the British people at daily risk?  How many innocent British people need to die before appropriate action is taken?

We have had Tony Blair 'apologizing', in 2006, for the UK's role in slavery and have seen other 'political apologies' made by various politicians but not one of them has ever apologized for signing-up the UK, to the alien ECHR or for keeping us as signatories.  

To say that the ruling elite is out of touch doesn't even come close. 

On the ECHR, the elite do not understand that the feeling of national impotence is not acceptable.  Westminster can no longer make laws with any expectation that they will have any force - every legal-aid financed lawyer (and that is almost all of them) salivates at the prospect of challenging laws passed by their own democratically elected representatives.  (Is that maybe a bit treasonous, on their part?)

On the EU, Labour at least recognizes the potency of feeling among the people and their demand for a referendum but Labour leader Ed Miliband has advised his followers (do we call them milipedes?) to abstain from the vote on the EU Referendum Private Members bill that is going through parliament.   The Conservatives are at least pushing this bill but, to David Cameron's shame, this isn't being put through as a Conservative government's measure - mustn't upset his Lib Dem 'allies' (though they seem to have no such sensitivity).

On immigration, all three main parties tread warily.  The liberal media and the so called equality industry (tax payer funded) jump on anyone that suggests perhaps we have got immigration wrong.  I am not against immigration but I do believe that pandering to immigrants and not requiring them to integrate into the existing indigenous population has been clearly wrong and I think that significant numbers of people believe the same.  Without I hope, sounding hypocritical though, Britain has reached a point where we cannot sustain increased immigration given our current economic model.  Rather than 'allowing' cheap labour in from other countries, shouldn't we be getting the workshy in our midst, off of welfare and into these jobs?  I say 'allowing' because in some cases, we are not authorized to stop people from the EU coming here.

On Welfare, Labour is so out of touch, it is not even funny.  The only people that they can count on are the direct beneficiaries of their 'Labour is the Welfare Party' policy.  The Conservatives spout on about austerity and the need for fiscal prudence but the minor cuts that they have made have been ineffective in reducing the overall debt burden of the country or its rate of increase.  I really can't fathom why the Conservatives don't go ahead and commit to deep cuts in public spending that the biased BBC, the Guardian and other 'lefties' accuse them of.  I think that the 'people' get it.  They understand that under Labour the UK overspent on a massive scale.  Those of them that are in work (in the private sector) understand that budgets have to be balanced and met and that when either the company's that they work for or they themselves overspend, a period of belt-tightening must follow.

On the environment, most people recognize that the punitive green taxes that are being imposed upon people, driving many old people into 'fuel poverty', are simply unnecessary gesture politics.  These policies will come home to roost when the lights start to go out in the coming years.  The despoiling of the physical environment, with useless wind turbines continues, and power stations are being closed at an unhealthy rate and not being replaced - 'brown-outs' loom.  Instead of addressing this with the urgency that people need, the elite are struggling to come to terms with the reality that the so called science behind all of this green scam has been repeatedly found to be false and falsified.  By the way, have you noticed how now that global warming' isn't actually occurring and people, even blinkered scientists can see this, these green fascists now call it 'climate change'.  We used to call that 'the weather' and just accept that it was changeable!  

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