Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Predictions

Well, if journalists can do this, why can't I?

Scotland will vote to remain in the UK and not seek independence, though it will be a closer-run thing than many first predicted.  Indeed, (hedging bets here) it may yet go the other way given the lack-lustre performance of the No campaign and the reluctance of the UK parties to engage and promote the Union.

The UK (read South-East England) will not be flooded by Romanians and Bulgarians.  Total immigration will be less than 20,000

Pope Francis will continue to amaze the world with his humility and engagement.

Vince Cable will manufacture an excuse to leave the Coalition, at the start of the second half of the year.  Then he will successfully challenge Nick Clegg for the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party and lead his party to its eventual near annihilation at the 2015 General Elections.

President Obama's Democrats will suffer heavy poll reverses in the mid term elections.  This despite some Republicans seeming to spend more time attacking Tea Party activists than their liberal opposition.

Calls for a full investigation of the horrific events that occurred in Benghazi will gather strength but until the new members are sworn-in, most of the action will be on Twitter, where the Justice for the Benghazi 4 movement will gain increasing traction.  So Hillary remains safe for now but the eventual investigations will haunt her 2016 bid and make her wish she had got them out of the way, with a more compliant Congress.

In a move to improve efficiency, France's Socialist government will enact legislation to cut out the middle-man and have all wages paid direct to the State's tresor.  Apart from making it easier to identify those that exist or participate in the 'black' economy (not a racist statement, before any liberals complain), this will also reduce stubbornly high unemployment as more tax-collectors are hired.

Greece and Italy decide to not follow the French example - rumours that this is because some many of those countries' politicians operate within the 'black' (still not racist) economy will not actually be proven but nevertheless will abound.

The UK's Labour Party will formally change it's name to the Labour,Welfare and Minority Interests Party and will officially abandon any pretence of representing actual workers.

Ed Balls, in a move designed to avoid being sacked by Ed Miliband, will challenge him for the party leadership role.  In a close-run race, Len McCluskey, leader of the UNITE union,  will emerge as the winner, even though not a participant!

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron will react to Labour's attacks about the Cost of Living 'crisis' by abolishing the so called Green Taxes.  This will anger his Lib Dem partners but Cameron will tell Clegg it is the price to pay for support of Clegg's candidacy for a EU Commissioner role.

Cameron will also face internal opposition from those who accuse him of being a TINO (Tory in name only) and such opposition will increase following the Euro elections at which all parties will do badly, except UKIP, who score spectacularly well.  Indeed, it is only the Euro-sceptic MEPs, like Daniel Hannan, that retain their seats on the Euro-Gravy-Train.

The European Commission and Parliament will continue to enact directives that strengthen, on paper,  the undemocratic nature of their rule and which ignore the voices of the European people, expressed through the ballot boxes. 

 Youth unemployment in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy will continue at high levels that will haunt those countries for years to come.  Ireland too will continue to export its problem by large-scale youth emigration and the country will pay its price for EU inspired de-population with large-scale issues around unfunded pension liabilities - as in most countries, pension payments require a working and contributing mass of young people, to be viable!

Moves will continue to seek the impeachment of President Obama but while the mood in America will be marginally in favour, Congress will continue to not represent the will of the people and so Obama will continue in office but will find Congress much less compliant, especially as high-profile cases showing the effects of Obamacare's failures hit the headlines with increasing frequency, as even Obama's media supporters bow to pressure to stop hiding the truth.

China will continue to expand its economy but will be less involved in buying US Treasury bills and funding America's deficit and debt mountains.

Brazil will host the football World Cup but organizational problems will mar the occasion.

Russia will use a very heavy hand to confront their domestic terrorists and will ignore the 'human rights' whining from the West.

Then there are the predictions that are border-line wishes.......

Arsenal confound the doubters and not only win the English Premier League title but also complete a remarkable treble by gaining  victories in the FA Cup and the European Champions League.

David Cameron uses one of the many recesses that the UK parliament enjoys and reads-up on what it means to be a Conservative and then, in an amazing transformation decides to start to implement such policies.  Consequent upon this, Cameron corners Nick Clegg and explains to him the outcome of opposing the changed approach and advises that the Tories will rule in a minority government rather than continue to pander to the idiotic and damaging policies of the Lib Dems.

Notwithstanding the earlier prediction, moves to impeach Obama become a central policy plank and receive wide-spread and united Republican support.  Worried Democrats, pick-up on the public mood and  transfer their allegiance to the camp pushing for the ouster of the would-be Emperor of the Free World.

Difficult to know whether any desires relating to the US Supreme Court, supporting the US Constitution and the American people count as predictions or wishes.  Will they strike down the 'Executive Orders' that are being repeatedly issued by America's ruler, in contravention of the US Constitution or will they continue to pursue a 'leftist' and un-American agenda?

As a choice, this would be a profound wish - that the scales fall from the eyes of politicians around the world and the eco-nonsense ends as soon as possible.  Not only this though, but in an unprecedented attack of common sense, the world's politicians immediately repeal all of the restrictive eco-laws that have so negatively impacted the world.  If, in the process, Al Gore and the climate science lobby were convicted of gross fraud, then that would be an added bonus! 

I could go on.  I have probably thought this before but this time I will say in print, I sense that 2014 will herald some significant changes for America, the UK and Europe.  



  1. Lefties at Facebook group "Politics UK" to post more crap moaning about the "Bedroom Tax", with the aid of founder "Alan W. ( ) leading the charge, ably assisted by the usual crowd who think Climate Change rubbish is still real based on articles publish 2years before Climategate....

    Ed Balls to continue his impression of Comical Ali by continuing to claim the UK Economy is screwed, no matter how much evidence to the contrary.

    Politicians to continue claiming there are plenty of jobs out there, based on the number of jobs listed on the Government's job ads website, without taking the time to see what any of them are.... quite alot of them lately seem to be the same one with different job titles inviting you to watch some "online DVD" (or a "video clip" as everyone else calls it) about how to go about becoming self-employed selling crap from Kleeneze.

    Tim Yeo to continue collecting backhanders from "green" companies.

    Lefties to continue bashing articles based on the source (e.g. Daily Mail, Fox News, James Delingpole's Telegraph blog) rather than the actual content.

    Lefties to continue to claim the possibility of switching to flat taxes would "shaft low & middle earners while helping only the rich", despite evidence (5minutes work with the calculator app on me iPhone) proving otherwise.

    Vile leftie idiots to continue harrassing the woman who helped expose the Mid-Staffs massacre... and not get their arse kicked for it.

    Morrissey to continue being a miserable leftie celebrity whingebag who should be hung for treason

    Spain & Argentina to continue being a pain in the arse to cover the fact their current governments couldn't run a piss-up in a Tequila factory.

    Guy Verhofstadt (Dan Hannan's favourite Europhile MEP) to win an Elton John look-a-like contest, or possibly an Austin Powers look-a-like contest (but still not say anything sensbile about European politics).

    1. Further predictions.
      Andy Burnham to continue as Shadow Health Secretary proving, post Mid Staffs and other scandals, that Labour politicians have no shame or sense of right and wrong and have hides thicker than a rhinoceros!

      Sir David Nicholson to retain his knighthood and retire from the NHS with a VERY fat pension. Also, like Burnham, to suffer no consequences from his involvement in the deaths of patients at Mid Staffs and elsewhere, while he was in charge.

      Former PM Gordon Brown to be officially declared missing, by his constituents, only to later surface on 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here'.

      Former PM Tony Blair will not suffer much embarrassment from the Chilcot Inquiry, not enough to deter him from continuing to earn £millions from speeches and his mere presence. His media acolytes will continue to fawn and cover-up for him by down-playing his probably mendacious role in the Iraq war.