Friday, March 8, 2013

A curse on both their houses

So finally, we have managed to find a jury that understands some of the basic concepts of law - such as only convicting on the basis of evidence presented!

The re-trial of Vicky Pryce has ended in her conviction and, like her former husband, she will be sentenced in due course.

Here are my thoughts.

Based on all of the information available, they both deserve the guilty verdicts. 

Vicky Pryce's defence of marital coercion could never really hold water when one considers her somewhat glittering career.  She was hardly some timid mouse who was going to be cowed by her husband, into committing an illegal act.  

Chris Huhne plead guilty and so we were spared the expense of a trial (and he, further embarrassment).

While I can understand the judge not wanting to pass sentence on Huhne, while Pryce's trial was underway, I have to question why Huhne wasn't recalled to court yesterday and both given their sentences, there and then.  The judge seems to have clearly (and rightly, in my view)  indicated that they will be sent to jail, so why not get on with it?  They have enjoyed extended periods of bail and have had ample time to prepare for this.  I suppose that some of those rioters that were (again rightly) sentenced to prison following the August 2011 riots would have liked more time to 'arrange their affairs' but instead they got swift justice and straight to jail.  Unlike Huhne they didn't get the chance to pass Go and collect £200 or in his case many £££s as redundancy payment from Parliament!

Some will say, this was only about who took speeding points.  I disagree.  This is about people conspiring to pervert the course of justice.  And not just any 'people'.  These are people who see themselves as being 'above' us.  People who would rule over us.  We are right to expect the highest standards from them.  We shouldn't though be too surprised!  Remember the anger and disgust we all felt as the Daily Telegraph published detailed accounts of excess and often downright theft committed by MPs?  I would say that many MPs are now viewed as self-serving, low-lifes not even fit enough to be in the same category as Estate Agents and second-hand car salesmen!   It isn't just the stealing, the lying and the greed, it is the two-facedness of it all.  Do as I say, not as I do.  

And never expect me to apologise!  I am a politician - the new master race.  We can do no wrong.  When you, the public, bring up inconvenient truths like the Mid Staffordshire Hospitals scandal, we will divert you with a scam story about horsey beef-burgers.  And yes, in case you haven't heard, Andy Burnham is still a member of parliament and a Shadow Cabinet minister and Sir David Nicholson is still a knight!!

Oh, and never forget, when you hear of some old person dying of hypothermia, because they couldn't afford to heat their house, that the male prisoner, serving a sentence for perverting the course of justice, was a big proponent of the green taxes that so unnecessarily burden people and which have created a whole new class of poverty - fuel poverty!

 Their is, rightly, sympathy for the children of the Huhne's.  Having the whole world know that your father wanted you aborted can't be a pleasant thing.  That he was a liar and a cheat as well, kind of pales into insignificance.  Having a mother who then wants to wash all of this very personal laundry in the most public of arenas? 

I applaud Vicky Price for seeking vengeance on Chris Huhne and for bringing him down.  She would have done a whole lot of good and saved herself and particularly her family, a whole lot of pain, if she had plead guilty, just after Huhne did.  That she didn't, speaks volumes for her sense of proportion.

Here is a test for you - try to name thirty (out of 635) MPs that you would consider as decent and principled.   Surely you can come up with 5%?  I think you will have difficulty but would welcome your suggestions.  Please though, don't bother suggesting Galloway!  He is beyond any pale!

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