Friday, March 15, 2013

Short and sweet for Osborne

Often posts are too long to keep the attention of politicians, so here is a brief pre-Budget message for George Osborne

  • Cut the basic rate of income tax and include future planned and timed cuts
  • Cut the National Insurance Tax rate for employers and employees for under 25's
  • Increase tax thresholds and commit to doing so, progressively for next 5 years
  • Cut government spending, across the board - all departments 10% less this coming year and include future planned and timed cuts - less government is better government.
  • End the Green Taxes, with immediate effect.
  • Tax MPs expenses - treat MPs the same as the people they represent.
  • Cut Local Government expenditure or rather the portion provided by Central Government.
  • Allow bodies to go bankrupt if they can't afford or re-negotiate PFI

The fuller version is here.

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