Friday, March 1, 2013

Eastleigh's message for the Conservatives

This won't make pleasant reading for David Cameron or Grant Shapps

No doubt the spin doctors (yes, they are still around, they're not just employed by Labour) will be out and about today and proclaiming that their man/woman did really well, under the circumstances but the reality?  This is a disaster for the Conservatives.  Howsoever it is viewed, it is terrible.

Consider.  The Lib Dems are in free-fall in the national polls.  They have a sex-scandal and seemingly a cover-up at the highest levels of the party.  Their sitting MP resigned because he faces jail for perverting the course of justice.  And yet they won.

Consider also, UKIP came from almost nowhere and beat the Conservatives into third place.  They even had the opportunity to claim that they didn't win because the Conservatives split their vote!

Why has it come to pass that a sure fire seat, for the Conservatives, doesn't fall into their laps?  The type of seat that the Conservatives MUST win if they want to secure an absolute majority at the next election.

I suggest the following reasons.

The Conservatives have moved away from core Tory values.

They assiduously court the homosexual vote and alienate their natural supporters.  Why?  In the cold reality of politics, why move away from your core supporter to what at best is still a very small (though highly vocal) minority group?  If every homosexual voted Conservative, what impact would that make in terms of electoral success in every seat?  Who did the math and somehow calculated that the extra homosexual voters would easily out-pace the loss of core voters?

On the economy, the Conservatives have been intimidated into not taking the vitally necessary cuts to government spending , by their so-called Coalition partners - the Lib Dems.  Meanwhile the Labour Party and their allies in the left-leaning media and strongly biased and leftist BBC claim that 'swingeing cuts' are being made.  The deficit, government spending out-turns and mounting debt levels,  give the lie to this.  They message isn't getting through though.

Again on the economy, rather than stimulating the economy with tax cuts aimed at their core voters, they tinker with QE to fund the over-spending and so impoverish the nation's future.

Then to Europe, they throw a bone to Euro-sceptic MPs by promising a referendum, if the Conservatives win the next election.  However, terms are such that the false promise can be easily seen through.

Again on Europe, a minuscule cut in the EU budget is hailed as a victory.  The reality though is this.  MEPs will vote down the supposed victory and seek to restore the cuts.  The further reality is that UK contributions in money terms will actually increase!  Yes, that's right, a cut for the EU means the UK pays more.  I am not making this up!

The way forward?
How about 'growing a pair', to use the vernacular.

How about a budget that cuts taxes and spending?    See here.   The Conservatives are being blamed for non-existent cuts, so why not do what they are being accused of doing?  And, why not lock them into the future.  That's a Gordon Brown trick - write cheques for others to cash!

How about resurrecting the boundary change proposals and making the implementation an absolute requirement of Lib Dems support?  If the Lib Dems say no, then call an election or just kick them out of government.  They simply cannot act as if they are the senior party.  Totally unacceptable!  Nor can they pick and chose which policies they support and, in a fit of child-like pique abandon their partners.   I know they do this in their private lives but at the government level, we have to demand greater fidelity.

How about telling the EU and the MEPs that we will not increase our contribution.  That's it!  KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!

Why not put before the Houses of Parliament an act to hold a referendum on a straight IN/OUT vote at the same time as the next General Election?  Use the interim to renegotiate the terms of out membership with a deadline for completion of November 1, 2014 (six months before the next election).  Again, KISS, should require a not too much debate.  This will flush out those MPs that trust the people and those that don't.

How about abandoning the so called 'green taxes' that are really hurting ordinary people and do nothing to combat emission levels?

The way forward?  Get back to Conservative values, the party doesn't need to chase voters, Tory policies will attract the aspirational people that Lady Thatcher identified and supported, who in turn, supported her through three election victories.  Become the Workers Party rather than the Shirkers Party - clear Blue water, anyone?


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