Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Culture Review

Well, the title sounds grand!

Building on last year's review of books, I wanted to share the following:

Last year I got heavily into Jack Reacher novels, by Lee Child and found them to be  quite engrossing but then, at the end of 2012, a movie was made of one of them.  Tom Cruise was cast as Jack Reacher.  Cruise's production company having apparently bought the rights.  If you have read any of the Reacher books you will have the same difficulty that I have in squaring the idea of Reacher portrayed by the diminutive Cruise.  In some books, Reacher's size - height 6' 6'' and weight 240 lbs, is actually an integral part of the plot lines so I find it hard to acquaint the visual film reality with the written variety.  Consequently, I have struggled with these books this year.   They are still well-written and gripping but...........  the image of the sofa-jumper keeps interrupting my enjoyment.

Best book read this year was Arguably by Christopher Hitchens.  This is a compilation of the late author's reviews and shows the depth and breadth of his knowledge.  Oh to be able to write like that!  If you love America and it's history, I strongly recommend this.

Also if you love America, I re-read Decision Points by George W Bush -  a fascinating read, which puts the lie to much of the media distortions.

Finally, Hiding the decline by A W Montford.  This was a Christmas gift that was truly enjoyed.  This book explores the ClimateGate e-mail saga and exposes the so-called climate change experts for the lying charlatans that they are.  A powerful book which clinically dissects the story and then onto the cover-ups, that were said to be investigations.  If you value truth, do find the time to read this book.

Perseverance and patience is always recommended and I am glad I listened to this advice.  I saw two 2nd parts of trilogies this year.

Part two of the Hunger Games series was considerably better than the first part.  Gets one a little closer to some of the grim reality of the books and is promising nicely for the third and final part.

The middle part of The Hobbit was also better than the first part and is building well for the finale.  I saw this with family, as part of a newish tradition that has taken in all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy  on successive Christmas' past.  Generally the external reviews were mixed but from the family all on the positive side but there is a feeling that the whole thing was perhaps longer than it needed to be.

TV Series
Enjoyed House of Cards - US.  As with the original from the UK  this shows the everyday venality of politicians and their fellow travelers.  Also watched Hannibal series one.  Gory but a fascinating back-story for this fictional monster.

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